Complain, Then Move On

Hard things! These seem to be part of everyone’s life. But sometimes the hard things seem impossible.
That happened to me this month. I had volunteered to help my daughter and her family with a
cross-country move. The original plan included a 2300 mile drive in two days (with my husband and
I both taking turns driving), 4 days of visiting and then another quick two day return trip sharing the
driving with my husband.

The moving plan quickly fell apart. Incorrect assumptions led to inappropriate equipment to move.
The time frame was also compacted leaving my daughter six days from graduation to first day of work.

Now comes the hard part… four days of visiting became one day of visiting and one day of graduation
and loading a moving trailer, unloading the too small trailer, loading a moving truck and attaching a
dolly loaded with my daughter’s car behind the truck. I was tired, more tired than I thought possible,
but I still had to face the 2300 mile return journey with only my daughter and her almost two year old.
The guys were driving the truck.

Yes, I cried. Yes, I almost bought three very expensive plane tickets, but we had to get my car back to
Virginia. Yes, I really didn’t want to do this. After complaining, I just realized I had no other choice.
So I just did it. I didn’t think past the next hour, the next gas stop, or the next Priceline adventure to
find a hotel. And four days later we arrived in my home’s driveway.

I was shocked that we did it. I was surprised at the benefits of the drive. I was better friends with my
daughter. My toddler grand-daughter who didn’t know me well, now loves me. The weather was almost
perfect for driving. We had no car troubles AND we found gas for less than $2.00 a gallon a couple of times.

As you start your adult journey, you will find very, very hard things you will try to avoid. Take time to
complain, but realize you just have to do it (avoiding it makes it much worse). Then just take one step,
then next step, and keep going. Soon you will get there and wonder how you got there. And you will
have experiences, friendships, and good surprises along the way. Did you know White Castle makes a
waffle, egg, cheese, and sausage slider all day? It was pretty good at 8pm one night.

Susan Teerlink is the accountability and admissions coach for College Funding Advisors, LLC,
located in Harrisonburg, VA. She was also a co-author on the book Secrets Of How To Avoid
Overpaying For College  and is involved with GRASP, the Great Aspirations Scholarship
Program, a non-profit based in Richmond, Virginia.  You can read her other articles at

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