Hear what the parents have to say:

  • My son Matt received $5,500 in scholarship money which helped a lot this first year of college. This money came from 4 scholarships out  of 16 he applied for. Although it took some time to do all these, it was worth the bother, especially since this money is tax free.
    Gary and Carolyn Kardos, Harrisonburg, VA
  • Gosh, I wish I could list dollar amounts. All I know is that without CFA, without Mark Maiewski, we would have ended up paying the vast majority of Amanda’s tuition ourselves, or had her go to BRCC. I think it’s been a good relationship. The cost has been high for us, but compared to what we would have paid with our very limited knowledge, it’s been a bargain. Thanks!
    Bill and Barbara Dolack, Waynesboro, VA
  • You are the experts in what you do… We became Clients for peace of mind that the FAFSA is taken care of properly and that we are meeting all deadlines and so we don’t have to deal with all the paperwork. It is always a pleasure to deal with you and your staff because I know when I have a question the person on the phone is always courteous and able to answer my question. I don’t know of any changes we could make about your service. You are the experts in what you do and that alone gives the client comfort and takes away some of the worries of where to begin when your child is searching for a college.
    Dennis and Tammy Myers, Penn Laird, VA
  • We would not have been able to afford Bridgewater. We feel very fortunate to have been a part of one of the seminars you held. We would not have been able to afford for Whitney to go to Bridgewater without you. And we look forward to working with you through Whitney’s college career and Mariah’s.
    Tim and Dawn Knighton, Stanley, VA
  • Saving money was a goal but not as important as learning the ropes. You lowered our stress from knowing what to do and when to do it.
    Harry and Beverley Crosby, Staunton, VA
  • Did not know enough about the ins and outs to go it alone and we did not want to miss a deadline or make a major mistake. We liked the experience of having someone with experience to answer questions and give a heads up.
    Bret and Vickie Shifflett, Stanley, VA
  • Everything went smooth as I thought it would. The part of all of this that I did not think about was the effects of having your only child leaving home. Having College Funding Advisors busy taking care of the paperwork and keeping things in check has enabled me to focus on keeping “Mom” in one piece.
    Bob and Debbie, McCracken, Waynesboro, VA
  • When I first met Mark at one of his free meetings, he talked of getting kids in private college for less than state ones. I just couldn’t understand how. But then I didn’t understand a lot of things about getting my daughter into college. Turns out I didn’t need to know a lot. Mark took charge of everything. He helped us get started at picking a school, talked to my daughter about her grades and checking out all her options about picking the right school. From then on I didn’t have to worry about anything. He filed the FAFSA forms, and made sure we got all the scholarships she was entitled to. He followed up on everything and advised my daughter on things she needed to do. As far as I’m concerned it was the best money I spent and I signed up for next year.
    Sandra Deavers-Sylvester, Harrisonburg, VA
  • The most helpful part of your services is the fact that we are able to afford to send Derek to college because of your help! You are very prompt and efficient to help us anytime we’ve needed information. We would have been totally lost trying to get everything done to get Derek to college if we hadn’t been referred to you. Your friendliness and availability is the best part of your services. 
    Melinda Berry, Mount Sidney, VA
  • Your services show 100% dedication to the client. You have laid it out in cookbook fashion: just follow A, B, C, etc. You have serviced us as though we were your only client. Your services have saved us time, money, and prevented many mistakes on our behalf. It has been well worth the money. It has all been handled in a very professional, honest, and punctual manner. I would recommend your services to everyone and anyone. We thank you.
    Jim and Marcia Raines, New Market, VA
  • Bradley seemed to understand his role in financing his college education and your help to him for completing scholarship applications paid off. He received $3,000 in scholarships. I think he also had a lot more preparation when talking with colleges after you met with him.
    Debbie Bennett, Weyers Cave, VA
  • Mark and I knew nothing about financing a college education. We had heard many good things about Mark and what he was doing to help other families. After learning about Mark and becoming a client, I have peace of mind. Mark has our best interests on the table. He truly wants Megan to get a good education. For all he does I am thankful. I will continue to refer Mark to others!
    Mark and Jean Cook, Crimora, VA
  • My daughter told me in the 8th grade she would not be able to go to college because she knew we couldn’t afford it. With your advice and direction she is attending Mary Baldwin College her first year for $1200 less than the cost of a community college. She has the opportunity for a brighter future than her parents. Thank you for bringing us thru the murky waters of college funding!
    Gloria Halpin, Churchville, VA