Survive A Plan Change

Sometimes when men plan, God laughs. The perfect prom invitation that becomes
the epic invite fails; the perfect dress that doesn’t fit the night you need it; that perfectly
thrown touchdown pass that becomes the perfect interception and returned for the other
team’s touchdown. Despite your best plans and best preparation, the outcome wasn’t
quite what you had planned…thus God laughs at those futile plans.

Unfortunately, most parts of our lives are not in our control. This can cause anxiety and
anger. Or it may be the impetus for creativity and amazing opportunity. When the
inevitable epic fail or interception happens, grieve for a few minutes and then follow one
of the greatest examples.

The biblical story of David and Goliath can teach you what to do next. Goliath was a
large seven foot tall man. David was a brash teenager. Goliath had invoked the
traditional “settle this war by using two champions to fight each other, the winner of
the one-on-one battle determines the outcome of the war.” But no one on David’s side
of the war was willing to fight Goliath. Of course, Goliath’s buddies were quite sure of
the victory…who else had a giant on their side?

David looked at his assets. He was quick, Goliath was slow and big. David had already
protected sheep from bears and lions; Goliath had depended on his intimidation
factor to protect himself and his buddies. David was a wicked good shot with his sling
and rocks. Goliath was a close-in fighter, using his size to overpower his opponent.
David looked at his skill set and decided using guerilla techniques rather than standard
blade-to-blade fighting just might win the battle. David moved forward without armor,
without a sword, and armed only with a piece of fabric and a pouch of rocks. He convinced
Goliath to move within his sling’s range, look directly at him…and David landed a
speeding rock in the middle of Goliath’s forehead. Goliath dropped, killed by the shot.
David then used Goliath’s blade to remove the giant’s head.

Flexibility is another way to consider what you DO have rather than what you don’t have.
Be grateful for what you DO have, and as you make that list, you will begin to rearrange
these assets into a new pattern. And soon the pattern will become your new plan.
Who knows, the new plan may bring a much better outcome than you imagined.

Susan Teerlink is the accountability and admissions coach for College Funding Advisors, LLC,
located in Harrisonburg, VA. She was also a co-author on the book Secrets Of How To Avoid
Overpaying For College  and is involved with GRASP, the Great Aspirations Scholarship
Program, a non-profit based in Richmond, Virginia.  You can read her other articles at

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